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About the Fishing

Sebec Lake offers some of the best fishing in Maine. You’ll find salmon, lake trout, bass, white and yellow perch and pickerel to challenge your skills. The famous Earley Salmon Pool is the first open water that can be fished after ice-out. Our fishing season runs from ice-out (generally May 1st to 10th) through September 30th.

One bank along the Salmon Pool is always reserved for only our guests. If you prefer the action of brook trout, there are numerous streams and ponds in the vicinity. Or to find yourself a secluded cove on Sebec, bring your own boat and launch it from our private ramp, or rent one of our boats Or you can even hire a seaplane and venture to remote lakes and rivers in search of bass and trout.




The place to Hunt

The 50,000 wilderness acres surrounding Two Falls Camps are a hunters paradise. It is rare to see another hunter along the miles of logging roads that

meander through the countryside. Incidentally, most of the land is not posted. If you prefer open country, search out the many abandoned farms and orchards. You can hunt for deer, bear, rabbit, raccoon, birds and ducks. There is even a special season for bow hunting. Registered Maine Guides, who know every gopher hole, bear den and deer yard around, are available for hire.

We have our own rifle range and trap shooting set-up, and sell ammunition, topography maps and non-resident licenses.

For information on the State of Maine rules, regulations, licenses, and permits for hunting, fishing, recreational vehicles, etc., please visit the website of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife.