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Two Falls Camps, your destination for a Maine vacation.

The splendor of Maine

A wise old-timer who spent all his years in the Maine woods enjoyed mystifying city visitors by saying. “You’ll find these woods empty, but you’ll find them full too.” Our woods may be empty of the hustle and bustle of city live, but they’re full of another kind of life… deer grazing in nearby pastures… stately moose stalking the underbrush… luscious berries for the picking… majestic trees towering above a chill blue lake. you may not meet many fellow humans, but those that you do will call you friend. The beauty and friendliness of Maine, two experiences you’ll find at Two Falls Camps and will never forget.

Our Location

Two Falls Camps are located along the banks of the Wilson River where it tumbles over Greely Falls, through the famous Earley Salmon Pool and into Sebec Lake. Surrounded by pristine, cascading water and thousands of wilderness acres, we think we’ve got one of ┬áthe prettiest spots in Maine. Whether you enjoy fishing, hunting, biking, hiking, water sports or simply taking in all the natural splendor around you. Two Falls Camps is the place to spend your next vacation.

Things to Do at Two Falls & around Maine